You’re a Gym Member… Now What?

You have driven by countless times, gotten out of the car and made the walk to the door. Score!! Today it’s locked, can’t sign up, head to the discount store next to get essentials and bag of chocolate covered peanuts and back to the car you go. The ride home, after ripping into those peanuts, is filled with complete justification why today just wasn’t the day, it wasn’t “meant to be”. Tomorrow is a new day, and another chance to try yet again to sign up!

Sitting in the parking lot, waiting to get out of your car feels like an eternity but is met with the hopes that the door is locked again (we are a family owned and operated gym so from time to time this is exactly what will happen). Much to your disappointment, not only is the door unlocked, but the mohawk trainer guy (completely harmless and a bundle of laughs) sees you walk up to door and even greets you. That’s it, there’s no excuse now. A quick tour of the gym proves not to be too intimidating but still scary nonetheless. The paperwork is received, the 24-hour key fob has been handed to you and back down the green hallway you go. Now what? As soon as you walk out the door, you know it really is up to you to make this happen.

Get in There

The next day rolls around, time to get to the gym and see what this is all about! Start on the treadmill, that will be easy. You can pop your headphones in, press quick start, and no one will even notice you. However, the walk to the treadmill is met with a few “hi’s” and ” how are you’s?”. The truth…. scared to death! But then as soon you step on the treadmill, you plug in the music, you start to look around, you realize the gym is filled with people just like you. The same scared people (at one time) out for the same goals as myself. Oh, in case your wondering, this was ME. Because this is my story of when I started at the gym in 2011. A quaint family owned gym, 24/7 access, pregnant with twins I might add. I had used cardio my entire life, not stepping out of the box to weight training until then.

You Are Not Alone! 

I remember walking around that gym the first two weeks only using the treadmill because it let me scope out what the others were doing. It let me figure out a routine that I could possibly attempt. It was then I realized I needed a trainer. My purpose to hire a trainer at that time was one reason: to keep me from just “doing the treadmill”. I was good at the treadmill, but being an avid walker of 10 miles plus a day for more than 16 years, I better be good at it! What I wasn’t good at, was lifting the weights. Mainly because I just didn’t want to. It wasn’t until later I truly realized their importance.

I will save that story for another blog…the point to my story? Just like you, a gym membership quite frankly scared me to death. But what scared me more than joining was NOT joining. Not taking my health more seriously. What’s a dollar a day anyway? I am just going to spend it on some meaningless snack, another hair tie I don’t need or a magazine I am only going to thumb through till my kids get a hold of it and rip it to shreds anyway! Owning a gym, I always tell people I have NO excuse to not work out, but you know what, I don’t want more than a day to go by that I don’t work out. I love my gym. I love the people that go there, and the scared ones, well if that’s you feel, seek me out and I will help you get over that fear! After all, that was me!!